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Home  /  Blog Posts   /  What to Do When Carpet Gets Flooded
Home  /  Blog Posts   /  What to Do When Carpet Gets Flooded
Carpet Gets Flooded

What to Do When Carpet Gets Flooded

There are two types of carpet cleaning service: Basic cleaning services for carpets that get dirty from traffic and emergency carpet cleaning when carpeting is exposed to high volumes of water and/or contaminants. In homes, busted water pipes may lead to flooding. Finished basements with carpet may become flooded when water flows through the walls or when surface water finds its way indoors during excessive rains. In some cases, there is more to worry about than just clear water. When a storm sewer backs up, the carpet can become contaminated. When this happens, the only option is replacement. When contamination is not the issue, you can take steps to save your carpeting.

Call Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services Immediately

The longer the water sits on the carpet, the greater the risk that mold will grow. At Lemarg, we offer 24/7 emergency services so you can have your carpet cleaned and dried at any time. The first 48 hours after the carpet becomes wet is critical for removing it. You may own a vacuum that removes water, but carpets that are completely saturated are usually too large a job for this type of removal. The same is true for placing industrial sized fans around to try and evaporate the water. The only way to ensure the maximum amount of moisture is removed from the carpet before mold starts to grow is by calling in the professionals.

Once you have exhausted all of your efforts to dry the carpet, use paper towels to test it. Press them firmly against the carpet so that any moisture still present in the padding underneath will come through.

Removing Dirty Water

Often, the water that comes from broken, damaged pipes contains contaminants that are transferred to the carpeting. This is often the case when the water comes from a leaky sink or a water heater that isn’t working properly. If the carpet contains substances that make it unsafe for contact, a greater level of carpet cleaning service is required. In addition to the removal of contaminants to the carpet, the padding underneath will likely need to be replaced. This is a large undertaking for the individual but an everyday service provided by the carpet cleaning professionals at Lemarg.

When the carpeting in your home becomes contaminated, it puts you and your family at risk. A clean floor is an important part of a healthy environment that you want for your kids and pets who spend a lot of their time in direct contact with the carpet. Any time you want to get the carpet cleaning service you know will leave your carpet in its original condition, call Lemarg at 1-855-753-6274.

Give us a call to get started right away. Emergency crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.